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Reno has one of the largest Foreign Trade Zones in the Nation

So what is a foreign trade zone? A Foreign Trade Zone is designated by the United States Customs Department and allows foreign and domestic merchandise to be admitted for operations such as storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacture and processing, without being subject to formal Customs entry procedures, the payment of Customs duties or the payment of federal excise taxes. Consider it a gateway to trading with the world.

Northern Nevada has one of the largest foreign trade zones in the nation, and is another reason why Reno and Sparks stand out from the rest of the country as the prime manufacturing and distribution hub of the West. Our foreign trade zone is about 7,500 acres.

Within the Foreign Trade zone is a mix of small and large-scale industrial parks, including one of the largest industrial parks in the world. With such a wide variety of properties available within the foreign trade zone, it's easy to see why businesses have no problem finding the ideal property within this district that fits them. If you would like some assistance exploring available properties, give our office a call at (775) 823-9393.


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