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Reno / Sparks Quality of LIfe

The quality of life in the Reno, Sparks and northern Nevada area is uncompromising. When you put together a combination of low cost of living, a large array of activities to partake in without breaking the bank, and incentives for companies to relocate here from other states, you have the perfect combination that leads to a high quality of life. We have all the elements you could need. Prefer quiet, country life? No problem? Craving urban life and need all the amenities of a large city? We've got you covered. Northern Nevada has:

  • Urban, suburban, and rural living areas
  • Top-notch business climate
  • World-class recreation
  • Quality education institutions

In the Reno and Lake Tahoe communities, it's not just the weather that lends to a great lifestyle. The business climate, educated workforce, and wide range of living options all make Reno-Lake Tahoe the place to be. Simply put, it's a wonderful quality of life.

The Reno area attracts outdoor recreation enthusiasts from around the world. Beautiful Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains are home to 18 major resorts that boast some of the most diverse and scenic skiing and snowboarding terrain in the world; all within an easy drive from the Reno metro area.

On top of being a world-class winter sports destination, visitors and locals agree that the Reno-Tahoe offers every bit as much to recreation enthusiast during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months. The temperate Reno-Tahoe climate keeps the area's 39 golf courses busy and its varied ecology draws people outdoors for exceptional camping, hiking, biking, fishing and boating.

So no matter what season you prefer or what outdoor activities you like to engage in, we have it in Northern Nevada.

Arts and Culture

Contrary to popular belief, The Reno Sparks area is flush with diverse arts and culture, including five performance halls/theaters, a month-long art festival in July, and using art in redevelopment projects. The Nevada Museum of Art has a strong following, and Reno features many smaller art galleries to explore.

The housing marketing in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area is strong. There are many neighborhoods featuring different types of architecture from the old, charming historical houses to modern styles within a wide range of prices.

How does Reno-Sparks MSA's cost of living rank?
 Living Costs Reno Portland San Jose
Composite 110.8 119.9 170.8
Grocery 109.6 108.2 131.0
Housing 120.9 138.9 239.6
Utilities 99.2 101.3 126.0
Transportation 103.2 109.4 132.0
Health Care 110.2 105.5 125.0

Source: NV State Demographers Office

Living options abound when you relocate to Greater Reno-Tahoe.
  • Urban living in the downtown Reno area
  • Suburban living near downtown Reno, in Sparks, and around the city edges
  • Rural living in all directions from downtown Reno
Downtown Reno

The city's cultural center is thriving with the recent addition of condominium developments and the city's reinvestment in the downtown area. Choose from many options in the heart of Reno.

Suburban Reno and Sparks

Homes range from classic style built in the early to middle 20th century to modern developments with all the amenities – golf courses, gated communities, and quiet areas built with families in mind. Apartments are scattered throughout the city rounding out housing options.

Rural Living

Just a few minutes from the city's core in all directions you'll find true rural living. The open spaces, great views, and peace that come with living out in the country are all here. And best of all, you're never more than a short drive to city conveniences and infrastructure.

Cost of Living

In a quick comparison to areas of comparable population, northern Nevada is right on par when it comes to cost of living. Reno-Sparks has consistently rated among the most affordable and "hottest" cities in the region.

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