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Business in Northern Nevada

Northern Nevada and the Reno/Sparks area is home to many many types of businesses, and companies. There are, however, key sectors of the manufacturing and development fields which receive special treatment and priority from organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, E-DAWN, and other business organizations in Northern Nevada.

Advanced Logistics

From transportation needs to international outsourcing services, businesses large and small establish themselves in the Reno and Sparks area to take advantage of the area’s logistics industry. Advanced Logistics can be defined as a company that has a design management process that includes planning, implementing and controlling the efficient flow of goods/services through the supply chain from producer to consumer. Several large national logistics companies call our area home. In the distribution arena this includes Amazon, Barnes and Noble, JC Penney and more. So why is northern Nevada so attractive to logistics operations? Over 65 trucking firms can reach 80% of the western region overnight, and the other 20% in two days. That's over 53 million people within one short haul! Two of the nation’s largest railroad operations service Greater Reno-Tahoe. Union Pacific rail network links 23 states, plus every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port and provides service to the east through its major gateways in Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans. Additionally, Union Pacific operates key north/south corridors and is the only railroad to serve all six gateways to Mexico. Burlington Northern Santa Fe rounds out the region’s railway access with 33,500 route miles covering 28 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Inter-modal yards and container freight facilities are conveniently located in Sparks along Interstate 80. A switching yard is located in Fernley.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing is defined as a company that has a production process which makes extensive use of computers, high-precision equipment and information technologies integrated with a high performance workforce.

Manufacturing companies in Greater Reno-Tahoe benefit greatly from the vast resources dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Take a look at what can help your manufacturing company become a success here:

  • Logistics – the ability for your product to be shipped to a huge population quickly
  • Buildings and Sites – we'll help you find the best location suited to your business
  • Foreign Trade Zone – doing business overseas couldn't be easier
  • Tax Benefits – Nevada tax laws make doing business in Greater Reno-Tahoe beneficial where it counts – the bottom line!
  • Educated Labor Force – the dedication of the region to educating its people benefits your company with an intelligent, hard-working labor force

With all of the resources dedicated to making manufacturing a keystone industry in Greater Reno-Tahoe, it's easy to see why companies would want to be a part of the growth here.

Clean Green Alternative Energy

Gaming as a primary revenue source continues to fall by the wayside, Nevada is experiencing a renaissance in green renewable energy. Companies are choosing Reno because it is the renewable energy hub of the western U.S. Think about it, Nevada has two solar power plants, among the largest in the nation, we have two of the largest geothermal power plants in the nation under construction, our legislature just passed a slew of rebates and incentive programs for renewable energy companies to locate here, and on a more local level, the City of Reno and Sparks have a progressive approach to renewable energy, including solar power installed on many of the cities' facilities ad buildings. Consider the following facts:

  • Solar – Nevada ranks first in solar resources with an average of 250 days of sunshine each year
  • Geothermal Power – Nevada is home to one of the most active geothermal landscapes in the world making it the perfect environment for geothermal power.
  • Wind Power – Greater Reno-Tahoe's open spaces make it an excellent spot to generate power from the wind.
  • Biofuels – Greater Reno-Tahoe's biofuels community is growing and the rise in biofueled vehicles make the opportunities in this market abound.

Growing the clean alternative energy industry is key to our mission of improving the quality of life in Greater Reno-Tahoe through economic development. What better way to serve that mission than investing in alternative energy?


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